Workshop A:
How Business and Social Media Intersect: Tips from A Full-Time Content Creator

Workshop Speaker: Emma Choo

An in-depth practical and perspective-shaping workshop on how utilizing social media platforms can be beneficial in building a business and brand. 

Workshop B:
Financial Literacy

Workshop Speaker: Samantha Headrick


The focus of the workshop will be Financial Literacy, especially focusing on planning personal finances for post secondary studies.

Hosted by Ernst and Young

Workshop C:
Career Spotlight – Banking

Workshop Speaker: Anthony Lin

This workshop will provide an overview of Banking in Canada and discuss the various career paths within the financial industry.

Hosted by National Bank Private Banking 1859

Workshop D:
Introduction to Investments

Workshop Speakers: Glenn Dodge, James Leong, and Sarah Dorrington


This workshop will introduce students to the benefits of investing, provide an introduction to the stock market, and discuss the different types of investment vehicles such as stocks, mutual funds, GICs, and more. 


DSC01442 (1).jpg

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Prosper 2021 will be held online. The conference will utilize platforms such as YouTube Livestream for opening & closing ceremonies and Zoom for workshops & presentations.


Prosper strives to bring the same level of experience to our valued attendees online with workshops, seminars, and more. As an online conference, Prosper 2021 is welcoming not only attendees from the Lower Mainland but also Eastern Canada, the United States, and many other countries around the world. With the experience hosting Prosper+, the Executive Team is excited to bring a more comprehensive experience to our valued attendees.

We are excited to announce that the winning team of Prosper 2021 will receive a $1000 grant.