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The Finance Business Stream focuses on a detailed financial analysis of an organization and its strategic positioning in an ever-changing business world.


The case study segment of this business stream will revolve around a finance-focused case study and how the organization can leverage its financial resources or reallocate existing capital. Your team may be required to conduct extended financial analysis of the organization such as using DCF. The startup pitch segment of this business stream will emphasize on all aspects of finance, from FinTech to personal finance.


This business stream is recommended for experienced teams with moderate financial analysis skills.


Business Stream Briefing Room

Regency Ballroom B, 3rd Floor

Presentation Rooms
  • Cypress, 34th Floor

  • Stanley, 34th Floor

  • Grouse, 34th Floor

  • Seymour, 34th Floor

  • English Bay, 34th Floor


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