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Prosper’s mission has always been to redefine business case competitions. For its eighth iteration, Prosper continues to set the standard for the world of business case competitions. Not only do we maintain the goal held by all to connect driven business enthusiasts in a competitive environment, but we also aim to be an empowering experience for high school students to delve into different fields of business and find their passions, regardless of their caliber to compete. Held for approximately 600 high school students in the Greater Vancouver area, Prosper facilitates a community of learning through our interactive workshops held by renowned business professionals that are catered to students who wish to simply learn in a conference-like fashion, and learners who want to apply their knowledge in an intensive business simulation. Led by an accomplished team of high school students, Prosper is so proud to share its vision with like-minded individuals, and elevate what business case competitions can offer.

Dear Sponsor Teachers, Prospective Attendees, and Notable Guests,


Welcome to Prosper Vancouver’s seventh iteration. Our names are Kellie Ho and Ziya Merchant, and we are pleased to serve as the Co-Chairs for Prosper 2024. On behalf of the Executive Team and the Board of Directors, we would like to invite you to the seventh iteration of Prosper Vancouver, which will be held on May 25–26th, 2024 at the University of British Columbia.


Prosper’s mission has always been to redefine business case study competitions. We aim not only to further the common goal of connecting future business leaders in a competitive environment but also to be an empowering experience for all high school students to delve into different fields of business and find their passion, regardless of their calibre, to compete. Held for approximately 500+ students from across the globe, Prosper facilitates world-class workshops from many notable figures in their respective industries to promote a community of learning and change. These workshops allow students to reevaluate their understanding of business while teaching them crucial skills that can be applied in an intensive business environment. 


​Prosper Vancouver is planned by a group of extraordinarily accomplished and like-minded individuals who wish to contribute to something bigger than themselves. From establishing an intellectually stimulating environment through our accomplished workshop presenting professionals to establishing an eventful schedule to ensure an experience that will challenge your limits of creativity, innovation, and business acumen, Prosper’s Vancouver Executive Team has been working continuously to create a professional and unforgettable experience at Prosper. Additionally, keeping our vision of being a conference for attendees of all calibres, we will continue with the pre-conference “How to Case Comp” workshop to provide attendees with an early insight into the competition.


​Along with the Prosper Vancouver Executive Team, we are fully committed to promoting a truly exceptional experience, so please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your continued support, and we cannot wait to welcome all of you to the University of British Columbia Vancouver campus on May 25–26th, 2024.

Best regards,


Kellie Ho & Ziya Merchant


Chair | Prosper 2024


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