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Our Social Impact Initiatives

By combining the power of innovation, collaboration, and empathy, Prosper's social impact initiatives seek to tackle pressing issues and drive meaningful progress towards a better world.


As the first youth business conference in Canada to implement a comprehensive series of social impact initiatives, we hope to build a more sustainable and accessible future for all diligent Canadian high school students, who are on track to become the brightest future business leaders in our society.


About the Program

As the flagship program of our Social Impact Initiatives, Prosper All Access will allow individuals interested in attending Prosper Foundation events to do so regardless of their financial situations. As the first high school business conference to implement such initiatives in Canada, Prosper strives to bring more business-minded high school students to gather at our events.

Prosper All Access – Single Event

The Single Event version of Prosper All Access allows attendees to attend one (1) of Prosper Foundation's events at 25% reduction in registration fees, 50% reduction in registration fees, or in limited circumstances — free attendance. To join the Prosper All Access program, prospective attendees must complete the following steps prior to registering for the event. Prosper will not reimburse attendees after completing their registrations as part of the Prosper All Access program.

  1. Access the Prosper All Access application form at

  2. Fill out your personal information

  3. Answer the questions regarding financial circumstances

  4. Submit a paragraph outlining your motivation to attend Prosper Foundation events

  5. Input the contact information of a teacher/administrator at your school who will be submitting a reference

  6. Select "Submit"

Once submitted, a Prosper representative will verify your application information within about 10 to 20 business days. If there are any questions about your submission, a Prosper representative will email you directly. Once processed, you will receive an email regarding your application status.

Please do not submit the corresponding registration forms until you have received a decision on your Prosper All Access application. Should Prosper All Access approve your application, we will include a unique code in the decision email for you to apply towards your registration.

Prosper All Access 360

The 360 version of Prosper All Access allows attendees to attend all of Prosper Foundation's events at 25% reduction in registration fees, 50% reduction in registration fees, or in limited circumstances — free attendance. All approved Prosper All Access 360 applications will be valid for the entirety of the calendar year.

The application process remains the same between Prosper All Access – Single Event and Prosper All Access 360. On the application form, you will indicate which Prosper All Access plan you would like to pursue. However, you may be required to submit additional documents demonstrating your financial situation for Prosper All Access 360 applications.


Digital Conference Handbooks

By transitioning from physical single-use conference handbooks to online digital handbooks (including judges, speakers, and volunteer handbooks), Prosper will avoid emitting Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and organic Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP) into the atmosphere and reduce the amounts of toxic chemicals in our ecosystem.

Digital Judging Ballots

Paper judging ballots create an enormous amount of waste as hundreds of them will be used during the conference. Prosper has transitioned the judging ballot system to a secure online form as part of our innovations during COVID-19 and has made this new innovation permanent starting at Prosper 2022.

Reducing Single-Use Plastic Bottles

Prosper recommends all attendees to bring their own reusable water bottles and use the available water filling stations inside the buildings. We will only be providing bottled water under limited circumstances with most of these provided bottles made from sustainable & recyclable materials.


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