Danny Zhu



My name is Danny Zhu and it was my distinct pleasure as the Chair to welcome the executive team for Prosper 2022. Prosper always attracts a large number of highly qualified applicants making it very difficult to select the executive team. However, I am confident that the chosen executive team will strive to produce the most memorable iteration of Prosper yet. As Prosper transitions into a hotel conference, the pressure and expectations on our executive team has increased, but I am confident that the executive team will go above and beyond what is demanded of them. These individuals whom I have gotten to know through the intensive hiring process has shown they have what it takes to commit their highest effort in order to challenge themselves for the development of Prosper. They are all excited to see the fruition of their hard work, and looks forward to meeting the attendees in April.

Diana Zhu

Internal Vice-Chair

Austin Ma

External Vice-Chair

Cindy Ma

Director of Logistics

Harry Zhu

Director of Administration

Renee Gao

Director of Conference

Fred Yang

Director of Human Resources

Emily Ramlochun

Director of Marketing

Yuki Fu

Director of Sponsorship

Rose Liu

Director of Sponsorship

Michelle Pan

Director of Communication

Gary Li

Director of IT

Fiona Pan

Director of Media